How to Jump Out of a Plane Over Dubai’s Palm Island and LIVE

After visiting a friend in Dubai a few times and being told of the coolest skydive in the history of skydives, I finally booked a complete arbitrary date for the opportunity to fly above the spectacular city of Dubai, the only actual city that would allow you to this in such close vicinity to…people on the ground. It’s a popular activity also, I’ve never before had to schedule one of these so far in advance.

We checked in at the earliest assigned time given for the day and were shocked to see that there was already a crowd of people already at the Dubai Skydive facility. We were hoping they were doing their own separate jumps but to our booos, they also had signed up for the early timeslot.

There are only 2 planes that take groups of 8 up there so you can expect to wait a few hours before you actually end up on your adventure.

However, once you get your name called, all of your stomach’s butterflies burst through at once and you can’t help but feel that you are walking to your death. You meet your skydive buddy whom you are trusting with your entire life since it is HE/SHE who is doing ALL the work. By the way, these dudes are really cool. They are likely to be backpackers or adventure seekers that are simply making money and passing through as was the Aussie who was jumping with me.

You reach the plane and are absolutely terrified yet overexcited at the same time, all the while are being told that you’ll be just fine and to enjoy the ride.

The plane takes off and ascends towards the clouds when finally at 13,000 feet, you walk towards the edge where your “instructor” swings you three times before finally lunging towards the dusty open Emirati skies. As you speed towards earth at 120 mph (193 km/h) for approximately 60 seconds, your photographer who also jumps with you will be recording and snapping pictures throughout.

Your mind is completely blank with only the thrill of your current state which is utter adrenaline based. Life is damn great at that moment in time…

After that minute of freefall, the instructor pulls for the parachute and you spend the next few minutes twirling in the air with views of Downtown Dubai and the miraculous Palm Island. Those few minutes, as beautiful as the views were, were also pretty damn scary as all I could think about was “what if I become loose in this harness and I fall on top of one of those very pointy tall buildings down there?” Nevertheless, once you land, you are welcomed by the utter dopamine rush to your head of living a near death experience.

You leave the Skydive Dubai with a hell of a lot of memories afterwards and a damn great story to tell.

How to:
The most important logistic: Visit NOW and book a date. Even if you don’t think you will make it, JUST DO IT! They have a 24 hour cancellation policy so you’ll be fine. These guys book up far in advance so you should just find a time and do it.
Find a friend and/or partner to do this with. This is definitely a memory you’ll want to share with someone.
Once in Dubai, remember that you need to dress appropriately. So for girls, no short shorts. And make sure you wear closed toed shoes.
Uber to and from your Hotel. Easy.

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