How to do the Most Scenic Bungee Ever

Do you see me falling to the right of the above image? Yes, that was quite the trip!

I’ve always been curious about “The World’s Largest/Longest Swing” and have heard only the best things about New Zealand as a country, not even going so far yet as even knowing about Queenstown. After a personal incident, I needed some time to myself and made a solo adventure to the land of the adrenaline junkie to pursue my quest for the ultimate “swing” which is managed by none other than the same maniacs that put together the Macau Bungee jump which I wrote about before.

For this particular blog post, I will be talking about another one of the mind-numbing stunts that I added to this trip with the most scenic view of any bungee I’ve ever done. You are in the actual city of Queenstown which is quite frankly one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever been to in the world. Attached to the mountain is a ledge where they carry out two of their stunts (might as well do both if there aren’t many people ahead of you) – the running bungee which I will talk about now and also a mini version of the swing where you pull a latch before you go flying.

Note how I said “RUNNING BUNGEE.”

I’ve done quite a few bungee jumps in your life where it is pretty automatic – you close your eyes, lean ahead and open your eyes once you are at the point of no return and your mind is already in the reactionary mode screaming “ooooohhhh myyy gawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww….” However, with this running bungee, you need to actually run and dive yourself and trust me, it’s NOT easy to make your mind agree with you to run over a giant drop underneath.

The bungee guy announced “1,2,3 bungee!” and I ran with so many nerves and butterflies in my stomach that rather than scream during the drop like a normal person would, my automatic reaction was more like a dry heave (as you can hear in the video). LOL!!! Because you are literally diving ahead, you have a different drop in your stomach versus doing a sudden fall in a roller coaster or normal bungee. It was definitely the scariest bungee I’ve ever done despite it being a smaller drop and shorter cable.

They have a professional photographer as well that documents both photo and video for you to take home. These are worth the cost, I promise. Try to get a late morning time slot so you can get the best picture of both yourself and the scenery behind you in the best light.

Queenstown is beautiful as well and this place in itself is a destination that should be on your bucket list. The sheer beauty and peace that just radiates from this town is infectious and you truly feel like you are in a community of life lovers after only a few hours in this place.



How To:
Don’t really need a guide with this. Queenstown is easily accessible via a one hour flight from Auckland. There’s a bunch of flights down there, just get there.
There’s no Uber but the local taxis are incredibly friendly and once you get into town, you’ll be set. Everything is walking/biking distance.
The activities around town usually all have their own forms of transportation so you really won’t have any issue once you get in town.

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