The Bucket List…

Below is the Oxflyer “Bucket List”, “Life List”, “Adventure List”, “Awesome Person List”, or whatever you want to call it. If you have any ideas for other experience adventures, please do leave a comment. 🙂

  1. Attend Indian Wedding
  2. Climb the steps of Tibet’s Portola Palace
  3. Watch Lucha Libre Match in Mexico City
  4. Participate in Tibetan Daily Life
  5. Watch the Sunrise at Cambodia’s Angkor Wat
  6. Skydive over Dubai’s Palm Island
  7. Do the World’s Largest Swing in New Zealand
  8. Catch a Chelsea Football Match
  9. Walk along the Great Wall of China
  10. Ride down the Toboggan from Great Wall of China
  11. Eat One of Japan’s Maid Cafe Artsy Dishes
  12. Paddleboard the Clear Calm Waters of Maldives
  13. Hike up Singapore’s Treetop Bridge
  14. Visit the Holy St. Paul’s Cathedral in Montreal, Canada
  15. Visit St. Peter’s Basilica Cathedral in Vatican City
  16. Spend a night inside the Ice Hotel
  17. Admire the View of Hong Kong from Victoria Peak
  18. Wonder through Bali’s Rice Paddy Fields
  19. Hang out with Monkey’s at Bali’s Monkey Temple
  20. Watch a performance inside Sydney’s iconic Opera House
  21. Climb Sydney’s Harbour Bridge
  22. Zipline Hawaii’s Longest Zipline in Maui
  23. Summit Japan’s Iconic Mount Fuji
  24. Hike to the Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles
  25. Soak in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon
  26. Release Fire Lanterns at Taiwan’s Sky Lantern Festival
  27. Hike up to Bhutan’s Tiger’s Nest Monastery
  28. Climb to the top and enter inside a dormant Icelandic Volcano
  29. Hike One of Asia’s most Beautiful Hikes – Hong Kong’s Dragon Back Trail
  30. Sail around Singapore’s Marina Bay
  31. Dogsled in the Arctic
  32. Bungee Jump the World’s Largest in Macau
  33. Meditate at Japan’s Hakone Shrine
  34. Swim in the World’s Highest Infinity Pool (Singapore)
  35. Roll Down a Hill inside a Giant Zorb Ball (Philippines)
  36. Admire the View of Arizona’s Grand Canyon
  37. Run in a Marathon
  38. Relax in a Hot Tub while it is Snowing Outside
  39. Ride down the Highest Slide in the USA (LA)
  40. Walk off Las Vegas’s Stratosphere Jump
  41. Do a Running Bungee Jump in New Zealand
  42. Carry the USA Flag on the Field During Green Bay Packers Opening Game
  43. Drive Aston Martin Cars on a Racetrack
  44. Travel to the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa
  45. Skydive Indoors
  46. Run in a Midnight Half Marathon During Daylight (Iceland)
  47. Meet a Geisha and Watch a Performance in Kyoto
  48. Friend a Bar Owner in Tokyo’s Golden Gai
  49. Slingshot Inside Singapore’s G-Max Reverse Bungy
  50. Watch a New Zealand All Blacks Rugby Match in Auckland
  51. Admire the Northern Lights
  52. Snowmobile the Arctic
  53. Visit Okinawa’s Scenic Areas
  54. Walk Atop the Clear Panels Atop Shanghai’s Pearl Tower
  55. Dress like a Prince at India’s Taj Mahal
  56. Run around in Japan’s Cherry Blossoms
  57. Watch the Sunrise from Japan’s Mount Fuji
  58. Walk through NYC’s Central Park During Snowfall
  59. Experience a Japanese Baseball Game
  60. Ride the World’s Largest Observation Wheel in Las Vegas
  61. Eat a Michelin Star meal inside Paris’ Eiffel Tower
  62. Climb to the Summit of Cape Town’s Table Mountain
  63. Enjoy a Private Dinner on a Private Island
  64. Cheer on Robots at Tokyo’s Robot Restaurant Show
  65. Converse with Locals in Brunei’s Floating Water Villages
  66. Admire the View Atop NYC’s Highest Points
  67. Drink shots of “Habushu” in Okinawa
  68. Celebrate Chinese New Year in Singapore
  69. Celebrate New Year’s Eve Atop Ce La Vi in Singapore
  70. Appreciate Life While Staring at Osaka’s Winter Lights Festival
  71. Ride Tokyo’s Shinkansen Bullet Train
  72. Surround Yourself with Kyoto’s Fushimi Inari Shrines
  73. Jog across San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge
  74. Wander Through New Mexico’s White Sands National Monument
  75. Participate in New Zealand’s Shotover Moonlight Mountain Marathon

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