How to Have A Torchlit Dinner on A Private Maldives Island

My date and I are known to wing a lot. When we have a free weekend, we will randomly spring up an idea of “Hey let’s go on this adventure” or “Let’s go to this totally unknown place.” This time around, it was a Friday afternoon in Singapore and we thought…”Maldives is only a 4 and a half hour flight…Let’s go!”

So after a quick few calls, we were on our way for a spur of the moment EPIC island adventure that so few of my friends back in the States actually do because of its geographic distance.

After hopping from the Malé airport and arriving to the W Resort via seaplane, we were in complete euphoria over the scenery, weather and hey, we are in Maldives!!

When you come to Maldives, you realize that there isn’t much to explore…at all. You are literally on an island that is dedicated only to your hotel. So if anything, you can do your usual water sports and do as you would at any other beach hotel except for one thing…

Hop on a speedboat to a private island 20 minutes away that is uninhabited by people and have a 5 course dinner prepared by your own chef. We were intrigued and arranged the opportunity on the spot.

When sunset came, we were whisked off in what was the most memorable boat ride of my life. Absolutely stunning scenery with the winds of the Indian Ocean blowing through your hair. We arrived at the island and our jaws dropped at the sight of what was in front of us…

Private Island Dinner in Maldives
Private Island Dinner in Maldives
One of the torches surrounding the table
One of the torches surrounding the table

We were told the island was inhabited only by sand crabs and birds, as was evident from the curious crabs that continued to circle around the candles surrounding our table. We enjoyed our meal while listening to only the sounds of the water brushing up against the sand. Our chef only came to check on us briefly as he efficiently served our courses one by one.

An absolute magical experience that you must do if you ever find yourself with the chance to be in Maldives! Every major hotel has their own version of this private dinner. The W hotel also owns this private island but all others have their own as well.

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