The Sacred Football Grounds of Lambeau Field

The lights were shining bright at Lambeau as our group of 30 marched out towards the center of a freshly cut green grass field with each of us holding a part of a massively large American flag. Surrounding us were 81,000 die-hard Green Bay Packers fans who have eagerly waited 8 months for this day to come – the opening day of the Packers football season. It was a surreal feeling, and I stood there in complete and utter shock as the entire ambiance and its magnitude in the world of sport took over my mind.

Walking on Lambeau Field

Then came the moment that the announcer introduces the singer for the national anthem which is also our group’s time to shine – to unravel the cloth into a field-sized USA flag which we later wave to create a dramatic effect on cue. We all ran in respective directions and the crowd cheered and roared, definitely was directed towards the singer as she had a beautiful voice but I’ll take it as if they were cheering for me. 🙂

USA Flag Opened during National Anthem

It was a day I’ll never forget… to have the fortune of being a part of a incredibly special day in American Football – Walking onto one of the most revered turfs in the history of the great sport at Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers.

Amazing Experience

How to do it?

Unfortunately, you can’t. They now only limit this season opener activity to lucky Green Bay Packer season ticket holders, most of whom have waited generations to even get those tickets. I got lucky.

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